Ever wonder why the "SCREAM" is screaming?  He just realized he's paying $910.00 in dues and getting less services. 


IMLCA Members who pay their dues are paying for the 20% that do not pay their dues.  Many just thumb their noses at the Association and the Members who pay why heading off to the store to buy a new 99 inch 3D TV.  Meanwhile the Board of Directors does nothing serious to collect these debts, but guaranteed they will raise our dues next year $15.00 - $25.00 and continue doing so as they reduce services to make up the difference from those who did not paid their dues.  Many have not paid their dues in years.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.

The words above were written over 230 years ago but they still define the way we, as Americans, think. We believe in laws that are just and protect personal freedoms. We believe in living under laws and in following them and understand that a Civic Association might have slightly tighter laws than the local municipalities. But when a certain board members decides it wants to re-invent a community to be what they want and not what the homeowner's want then they are abusing the power of their positions and must be stopped.  They need to be removed and replaced with members of the association who are not coming in with their own agendas or friends but that of the communities.  Their fiduciary responsibility should be in keeping the association property values as high as can be.  Making the association a clean, safe place where people would want to come and buy or rent a home for vacation.  To maintain its infrastructure and keep it in good financial state.

Instead in recent years we've watched our Association's swimming amenities go from three lakes to one and two pools to one.  First impressions count and coming in through our gates and seeing bad roads, no or worn road lines, debris in intersections.  Empty lots with trash, dead trees, stop signs leaning, etc equal poorly maintained community.  Our roads are in bad shape and crumbling and cracking away with potholes untouched. But its hard to maintain when the money is not coming into the association.

As you drive through our community take notice of the "little" things.  We have street signs and stop signs that are bent, twisted and leaning at odd angles, we have swales that are in sad shape and no longer able to direct rainwater runoff properly and some that simply do not flow properly, trapping the water thus turning that section of the swale into ideal mosquito breeding grounds.  Regarding the swales we have had Boards that said the swale maintenance is the responsibility of the Association and then the next group of board members decides it is the responsibility of the homeowner and wash their hands of the issue.  Honestly the day to day maintenance, keeping them free of litter and mowing the grass does fall on the homeowner however the major maintenance of ensuring that the swales remain properly defined to direct the water flow falls on the Association.  Properly defined swales and proper stormwater runoff maintenance is of paramount importance in protecting the infrastructure of the roads.  We have many areas where the shoulder of the road is crumbling due to stormwater drainage problems.  The Association made a start last year but this is a multiple year project and requires at times to go back and clean and repairs areas of high water volumes.  This requires cleaning winter road debris and loose stones in areas that gets washed out during the year.  With steep grades and fast high volume rain adds to the drainage problem as well as landing up on the roads making them dangerous especially for people on motorcycles and bicycles and even in a cars or trucks you can have issues with skidding on the stone.  I have had a number of friends and neighbors complain to me about skidding on our roads when on their motorcycles, we are lucky that so far no one has been seriously hurt.  There are some areas where the shoulder is so bad, especially where the swale is undercutting the road surface, that if a car goes off the edge of the road it will destroy the tire and the car will be at the very least seriously stuck in the swale and could possibly sustain major damage as well. Same could be said of some of the deep washed out ruts on the side of the roads.

For years I have had people tell me that they have difficulty driving their trucks through the community because of the amount of trees overhanging the roads and now you can't even walk on our roads without having to walking in the middle of the road to avoid walking into the overhanging tree branches.  When you go to the mailboxes in the winter you take your life in your hands as there is frequently heavy snow and ice coating the roof which becomes a hazard when the temperatures start to warm up a bit.  By the way have you noticed the unbuilt lots that have dead trees still laying on them from as far back as the 2005 ice storm if not further?  Don't those lots look lovely?  I'm sure you realize that in addition to be aesthetically displeasing they are also a major fire hazard but the Association has done nothing about them.  This is also a major reason why your homeowner insurance may have gone up in the last few years because of the fire threat due to this excessive fuel load (look it up).

We had some community members who worked diligently to get our community up to the silver level in the Firewise program through the state.  This program was intended to make us safer in the event of fires.  In order to get to that level they designated evacuation routes and marked them with signage and got the Association to install dry hydrants so that there would be multiple sources for the fire trucks to draw from when needed.  Sadly if these hydrants break they can sit for weeks waiting to be repaired, the evacuation route signs are as bent and twisted as the road and stop signs and when the firetrucks come in they have to be careful that the equipment on the trucks like the radio antennas, that allow them to call for extra help if needed, and their mirrors are not broken off by the overhanging tree limbs.

Now let's talk snow removal.  Our Maintenance has done a good job so far this season.  However I would like to see them return to the past policy of doing a single pass on all the roads so members can get out if necessary and get home.  

As of the December Board meeting the collection rate is in the low 80%, that means just slightly more than 3/4 of the members have paid their dues this year and the Association is owed millions in dues and other miscellaneous charges from past years.  When asked about this huge amount still owed the Board just shrugged their shoulders, what can they do when the law gives no real teeth to Associations.  They can't take aggressive action against those who owe us thousands as they just file bankruptcy.  So all the board does is raise dues on those who do pay and cut services and amenities.  How many of you realize that we only have one Security guard on during the "midnight" shift?  How long can we go on like this before the development goes belly up!

To summarize, for the amount we pay in dues we have only two swimming facilities, we have an under maintained infrastructure and we have a Board that cannot do anything to collecting a huge past due debt yet they raise dues and cut services to those of us who are in good standing.  Do you see something wrong with this picture?  What do you think this is doing to our property values and our community's reputation?  We have been told there are real estate agents who go out of their way to avoid bringing buyers into our community and are reluctant to list properties as well.

The only way things are going to change in here is if:

 1)PEOPLE START VOTING!  Now before you vote you should try to find out about the candidates.  You want a candidate who is interested in the whole community not one who's attitude is well it doesn't affect me personally, it isn't in my area of the community or I don't use that amenity so it doesn't matter.  One way to see if the candidate cares beyond themselves is to check their previous volunteerism especially within the community.  You also don't want a candidate who has a personal agenda such as they are only running to get a rule changed because it is inconvenient to them.  We used to have Meet the Candidates prior to the elections but they were stopped a few years ago because no one came out to meet them.
 2) COME TO BOARD MEETINGS.  Writing letters, filling out complaint forms in many cases means nothing to the Board members who are there for personal reasons, although it is good to have such on file as a paper trail.  However you should follow up your written communication with attendance at the Board meetings.  The Board doesn't deal well with criticism or confrontation on a face to face basis, they find it difficult to sweep a problem under the rug if they are being told about it in a public forum on the record.

 3) VOLUNTEER/GET INVOLVED.  I know it is hard for a lot of people to manage monthly meetings with all the other demands on their time but try to be involved even if it's just attending social functions.  The more people get involved, the more people come out for movie night and bingo, the more people talk together about what's going on, what's being done right and wrong, the more the Association, the Board and employees, will be scrutinized and the better it will be for the community as a whole.

In summary we need members to get involved in their community! Members need to make sure that the Board is doing the work that is needed for the community in a cost effective manner and that the work is being done in a timely, quality manner.  That the work they do is for the betterment of the community not personal agendas or ego trips. We need volunteers on our committees right now. I am glad to see that the Rules and Regulations and Disaster Action committees are back up and running however they like the other committees need more people willing to volunteer. We need people to show up at the monthly BOD meetings and find out what is going on. Without everyone's involvement and treating each other in a respectful and dignified way we can find ourselves losing property and civil rights. We can end up with another Board that does what it wants not what the membership wants or needs.

We can take back our community and restore our community reputation but we have to want to and we have to be willing to work to do it.

Our goals are simple and few, what we wish to accomplish is:

*Preserve property owner's rights.  

*A forensic audit of the Associations finances.  

*Accountability of work preformed by Association's Employes.  

*A monthly bill list with the financial report. 

*Limit Board authority over members property rights. 

*Stop using the Rules and Regulations as another way for the Board to collect money. 

*Propose By-Law changes that are easier to read. That make sense and are fair and just. 

* Change our out of date Covenants. 

We need your help. Get involved in the community. Show up at BOD meetings every second Saturday of the month at 10:00 AM at the club house!


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